The Recycleman Show: an interactive show about environmental responsibility and recycling

At Enrich Early Education, we’re committed to providing our children with an inspiring educational curriculum. That’s why we’re excited the Recycleman visited our centre. In our outdoor play area, he hosted The Recycleman Show, an engaging lesson about the importance of sustainability, recycling and environmental awareness.

The Recycleman chatted with the children about our planet and recycling

From the moment The Recycleman’ flew’ into our centre, he grabbed the attention of all the children. The show started with a conversation about the planet and moved on to recycling. The Recycleman asked many questions, such as, “Who has a yellow bin at home? What do you put in it?” Dozens of little voices shouted, “Paper” and “Plastic.” The children and Recycleman spoke about how recycling helps protect our planet and conserves resources, making it easier for young learners to understand the big impact of small daily actions like throwing paper in the yellow recycling bin.

Environmental awareness

Recycleman raised the children’s environmental awareness through his fun and interactive approach. They spoke about different types of waste and how they should be sorted. This will give the children a better understanding of their role in keeping our environment clean and healthy and showcase how they can help out daily, making recycling a simple, habitual part of their routine.


Interactive learning in our outdoor play area

It wasn’t just about listening to a presentation. The morning was filled with interactive fun! The Recycleman brought small recycle bins and scattered ‘garbage’ around the play area. The children, now equipped with their own green Recycleman capes, enthusiastically picked up the items and sorted them into the correct bins. You could feel the excitement and energy when the children zipped around the play area. Eager to show off their new recycling skills.

We want to thank the Recycleman Show for a fantastic hands-on activity that educated the children on sustainability and environmental awareness in a fun and engaging way.

How the Recycleman program fits in the Early Learning Foundational Framework:  

Element 3.3.1: Develop and implement sustainable practices in the physical environment.

Element 3.3.2: Children are supported to become environmentally responsible and respect the environment.

Element 6.3.4: Children are connected with and contribute to their world.


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