Our Approach

At Enrich Early Education we are passionate about the learning journey the children and educators go on every day while they spend time in our environment. Our Curriculum is grounded in the Early Years Learning Framework and combines emotional intelligence teachings with the scientifically proven Montessori method.

Early Years Framework

The Early Years Learning Framework provides a powerful and positive baseline. Its principles, practices and learning outcomes support and enhance young children’s learning from birth to five years, as well as their transition to school.

Enrich Early Education reflects the framework’s fundamental view of children’s lives being characterised by belonging, being and becoming, we have embedded this thinking into our practices and how we frame each child’s experience with us.​

We believe that each child’s experience is simply a natural extension of who they are while establishing strong foundations for well-being.

The EQM Approach

The EQM Approach is a unique combination of emotional intelligence (EQ) teachings and the Montessori method.

This progressive approach arose out of the owner’s vision to create a Centre where children learn the tools and strategies to feel well and do well, in school and in life.

The result is an Early School like no other: where children are seen and valued for their unique contribution to this planet and are taught the foundations for happiness and success.​​

Encouraging Creative Learning

The EQM approach emphasises the child’s ownership of their learning. Each child chooses the path of their education based on what is important to them. Educators at Enrich Early Education are encouraged to let the children direct their own curriculum based on their own interests and curiosities. The classroom environment is also designed to meet the needs of the students. We provide a calm, centered environment so children are able to enter a state of flow. This facilitates each child’s ability to explore their own interests and comprehend the world around them and how they fit into it.

Strength in community

We regard parents and families as essential components of the EQM philosophy and, as such, as members of our community. Parents are viewed as collaborators, partners, and advocates for their children. Educators value parents as each child’s first teacher and involve parents as much as possible in curriculum development.

We encourage parents and families to volunteer and participate in our Centre programmes so that this educational philosophy can continue after the child leaves the classroom.

The EQM Approach

The EQM Approach came to life when Enrich Early Education owner and EQ Expert Ellen Perkins met with the highly experienced Montessori professional, Claire Yates. Scientific studies have shown children who are taught using the Montessori Method have a higher EQ than mainstream students. Together, Ellen and Claire have further developed these teachings to incorporate specific emotional intelligence practices to create the first-ever EQM Early school. Designed to set each child up for well-being and success in school, and life. 

Here are 9 points that we are guided by at Enrich Early Education

1. We respect and honour each child

Each child is unique and precious exactly as they are. We show respect by providing them with a peaceful environment, not interrupting their concentration and giving our students the independence and freedom to make choices, do things for themselves and learn for themselves.

2. We believe in the absorbent mind

We understand each child learns simply through living. Children have open hearts and curious minds and are constantly absorbing information from the world around them.

3. We identify and support optimum learning stages

Children pass through periods in their lives where they are most open to learning certain skills. The order in which these stages occur and the timing of these periods varies for each child. Through observation, we identify these periods in the children and provide the resources for each child to flourish during this time.

4. We create an orderly, prepared environment

Children learn best in an orderly environment that has been prepared to enable them to do things for themselves. We provide a learning environment that promotes freedom for children to explore materials of their choice and grow in independence.

5. We promote self-education

Children are highly capable learners, capable of educating themselves. We provide the environment, the inspiration, the guidance and the encouragement for children to educate themselves.

6. We encourage children’s emotions

We listen with empathy, show understanding and build trusting relationships with each child.

7. We are emotionally available and responsive

We recognise children’s expressions of emotion are perfect moments for connection and teaching. We guide children to label their emotions with words and help them express their feelings in a healthy, pro-social manner.

8. We guide children through problem solving

We raising their awareness of others. We teach them tools and strategies to peacefully resolve conflict and care for their own wellbeing, and the wellbeing of others.

9. We understand the power of our modelling

We understand our children learn through our every word, and our every action, about love, empathy, relationships, kindness, honesty and respect. Most profoundly, they are learning about themselves, their abilities and their worth, their place in our hearts and in the world.

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