Mother’s Day: A sensory experience to celebrate our mums

At Enrich Early Education, celebrating our mothers goes beyond giving them a handmade gift crafted by their children. It’s about celebrating them and the special bond they share with their child(ren). Therefore, we’ve invited our mums to a 5-senses pamper experience this Mother’s Day. 

A 5-senses pampering experience to celebrate our mother’s

We transformed our centre into a sensory spa (with a hint of excited children). Guiding the mums through carefully curated sensory experiences for sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. In between the sensory experiences, the mums could relax in our elevated garden while enjoying the sweet treats from our buffet: chocolate bliss balls, cupcakes and a chocolate dipping station with fresh fruit.

A journey through the five senses

A beautifully decorated photo booth marked the first experience: sight. Miss Harmony captured a precious moment between the mothers and their child(ren). The second experience was for ‘smell’. The air was infused with delightful fragrances from our essential oil bath salt-making workshop organized by dōTERRA representative Ange, giving the mothers and children a fun workshop and a great gift to bring home.

The experience for the ‘taste’ sense was a hit. Laughter arose from the food-tasting experience as blindfolded mums trusted their giggly children to let them sample delicious treats like dried apricots and chocolate drops. After tasting and thinking, the mums could almost always guess it right!

The ‘touch’ sense can’t be missed in a 5-senses pamper experience. We transformed the toddler room into a spa area, where our little massage therapists (a.k.a. the children) performed pampering hand massages. To conclude the pamper experience the mothers enjoyed a sound bath for the ‘sound’ sense. Our yoga teacher, Tina, provided the mums with a relaxing sound bath to leave the Mother’s Day event recharged.

We’re looking back at an enriching sensory experience to celebrate our mums

An enriching afternoon filled with laughter, delicious snacks and pampering. A sensory experience designed to celebrate our mums and the special bond they share with their child(ren). Before going home, the mums received a gift bag, and the children could handpick a balloon to mark the start of their Mother’s Day weekend.  

We would like to thank all the mothers who joined us for the sensory experience, the children for being the best massage therapists and food-tasting guides, and our educators for organizing this beautiful event.


Here’s a glimpse into the experience we curated for our mothers