About us

Our team of educators is dedicated to creating a nurturing environment where every child feels at home. We are passionate about ensuring children feel at ease, learn through play, explore, and use their curiosity and imagination whilst attending our centre.


We’re on a mission to set children up for well-being and success, in school and life

Children are at the heart of everything we do. They lead the learning journey, shape the environment, and set the tone of our engagement. We treat the children with dignity and as capable individuals. Creating a supportive and encouraging environment in which they can learn through play.

A nurturing environment for young learners

We strive to create a warm, welcoming, supportive, and safe environment for children, their families, caretakers, and the community.

We provide a place where children can be themselves and grow to their full potential while encouraging a culture of lifelong learning.

Our curriculum is based on the Early Years Learning Framework which we enrich with the scientifically proven Montessori method and emotional intelligence (EQ) principles. We use OWNA to document your child’s learning.

A nurturing environment in our daycare centre in Southport Gold Coast

What makes us unique

EQM educational program at Enrich Early Education in Southport Gold Coast

The EQM approach: blending the Montessori method with Emotional Intelligence (EQ) principles

We have a unique approach to child care and early learning. Our educational program is based on the Early Years Learning Framework. We combine emotional intelligence (EQ) with the scientifically proven Montessori method, which we call EQM. You can read more about our approach here

Nature-based play at daycare in Southport along the Gold Coast

Enhancing educational success through sensory activities and nature-based play

We use our garden for nature-based learning, fostering curiosity, creativity, and environmental awareness. Our sensory activities stimulate self-regulation and strengthen neural connections, all to enhance the children’s academic success and well-being.

Grandfriends intergenerational program daycare southport gold coast

Community-oriented, integenerational program with our Grandfriends at Opal HealthCare

Through our Grandfriends program, the children connect with residents of a nearby retirement home. These visits foster meaningful interactions in which the children learn the value of compassion while having fun with their Grandfriends.

A family owned boutique early learning centre

As a boutique centre, we take pride in being family-owned and operated. Our small leadership team is deeply involved in the centre’s day-to-day operations, ensuring that every child receives personalized attention and care. 

Our team

Our highly qualified and experienced educators bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our centre. They’re trained in Montessori and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and receive ongoing mentoring and professional development to ensure continued growth as an early childhood professional. Our team is certified in CPR, First Aid and holds current Working with Children Checks.

A multicultural team has been with us for many years, ensuring continuity and stability

Many of our team members have been with us for several years, and some, like Miss Nan, have been working here for 10 years! This ensures continuity and stability in your child’s care. 

Meet Our Leadership Team

Our leadership team consists of passionate individuals dedicated to the success of our centre. From our Centre Director to our Montessori Expert, each member brings unique expertise and vision to Enrich Early Education.

Emotional Intelligence Expert
and Service Owner

Ellen Perkins

Ellen is our Emotional Intelligence (EQ) expert, passionately raising Emotional Intelligence in our educators and children. Together, we’ll set our new generations up for well-being and success in school and life.

Service Owner
and Leadership Support

John Tsoukalas

John ensures the business is running smoothly, enabling the team to focus on what they do best: educating the children. He’s the driving force behind the scenes that helps us deliver the best quality care and education to our children.

Claire Yates - Montessori Expert

Centre Director


Our centre director


Claire Yates - Montessori Expert

Montessori Expert

Claire Yates

Our Montessori expert has extensive experience teaching children and holds a Bachelor of Education specializing in Montessori Early Childhood Teaching.

Our values

Our caring and positive is dedicated to your child’s well-being. We are committed to providing exceptional care and education. We believe in creating a warm, supportive environment where every child can thrive.

We couldn’t be happier with the education and care our child has received at Enrich Early Education. We were impressed to find that the kindergarten teacher is Montessori trained and equally pleased with the focus on emotional intelligence and resilience. The centre is well gated and secure, the outdoor areas have lots of shade, the resources are of good quality and are plentiful, the staff are skilled and reliable, there’s lots of undercover parking…it just ticked all the boxes for us and we are so glad to have found it.

Kat Santic

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