Discovering the wonders of Mother Nature in our classrooms

Our friends from the Henny Penny Hatching program dropped off three adorable chicks and 13 eggs for the hatching educational program. Providing our children with an enriching and hands-on educational experience over the next ten days. A program that allows the children to learn about the chicks, observe them and interact with them.

The children interacted with the three adorable chicks in our brooding pen

The children’s faces lit up this morning as they saw the chicks. In small groups, they observed if the eggs had hatched and spoke about the three adorable chicks that played in their large brooding pen: What colours are the chicks? How many chicks can you see? What are the chicks doing? These questions provide an excellent opportunity for the children to practice their spoken language skills in a new environment. Yet, the highlight of their visit was undoubtedly the gentle petting of the chicks. 

An educational program like no other: Bringing Mother Nature into the classroom

It truly is an educational program like no other: bringing Mother Nature to the classroom to educate the children on empathy, care, and nature in a sensory-based way. The program continues in the classrooms where the children learn interesting facts, such as that the chicks use at least 30 different sounds to communicate.


A fun way to teach the children important life and social skills

The program subtly teaches essential life and social skills. Waiting for their turn to care for the chicks and pet them teaches them patience and social behaviour, while gently approaching them helps develop responsible and respectful behaviour. This includes feeling the warmth of the chicks, hearing their different sounds, and observing their movements and interactions. And, of course, holding and interacting with the chicks enhances gross and fine motor skills, contributing to the children’s overall physical development.

At Enrich Early Education, we’re excited to welcome the Henny Penny Hatching program, which is a perfect example of how we integrate sensory-based educational activities into our enriching curriculum.

Here you can find more info about the Henny Penny Hatching program.

Henny Penny Chicken Hatching at Enrich Early education
Henny Penny Hatching - an enriching curriculum at Enrich Early Education in Southport
Henny Penny Hatching at Enrich Early Education, an early learning centre in Southport Gold Coast